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Mysterious clouds forming around Mt. Ketil's West face, Tasermiut fiord, South Greenland.


Walrus at Sandøen, Northeast Greenland.



Snow-owl chicks, Northeast Greenland.




A lone musk ox bull, Northeast Greenland.


Musk ox bull searching for salt near the Zackenberg River, Northeast Greenland.




Yet another storm is approaching the granite-spire of Cerro Torre, Patagonia.

Sunrise over the Fitzroy Massive, Patagonia.




Pequeno Alpamayo 5,340 m, Cordillera Real, Bolivia.

Seabirds near Puerto Natales, Chilean Patagonia.


Some of the rare black-necked cranes spend their                                                 winter in the isolated Phobjika Valley, Bhutan.



Sand and coconut palms, an island off the East Coast of New Caledonia,     South Pacific Ocean.


A graveyard of corals, New Caledonia's West Coast.