With a background in physical geography and chemistry, I try to combine knowledge from these two fields, and I have been involved in arctic environmental research since 1999. Doing field work, I have spent almost one year in Northeast Greenland and Svalbard in the high Arctic.

Recently, in connection with my Ph.D. project (2005-2008), I have studied water contamination from arctic coal mining and evaluated analytical methods to monitor biologically available metals in acid mine drainage.  

Today (2009-), I work for the National Environmental Research Institute in Roskilde, Denmark doing environmental research in relation to mining in Greenland.

List of publications.


(Left) An abandoned coal mine waste rock pile in high Arctic Svalbard (78N). This site was my primary research field site during the summers 2005-06. (Right) The water draining from the pile is very acidic with pH 3-5, contains high dissolved metal concentrations, and contaminates the surrounding environment.