Now, who is behind this site of seemingly useless information anyway?

Well, in the unlikely case you want to know, I was born in the mid-seventies in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. I grew up close to the sea, and when I look back at my early days I recall fishing, windsurfing, and sailing most of the time. Our kid's games often turned into doing odd things - like paddling a surfboard five miles across the bay of Aarhus, or tying two windsurf rigs together as a giant wing while attempting to fly down nearby hills.

At age 16, I joined a rock climbing course, and during the next decade I spend most of my time off mountaineering, climbing, and skiing - mainly in Europe and North and South America. This passion for mountains seemed to develop out of nowhere in the flat sandy country of Denmark, where the highest hill is less than 200 meters high.

In recent years, my attention has turned towards seakayaking and mountainbiking as means of adventures. However, it is all about the same really: the thrill and adventure of discovering new places and meeting new people on the way, about challenging one's own physical and psychological limits, the comradeship evolving from a challenging trip, and the freedom of living the simple life and becoming a nomad for a while.

Over the years, taking photographs has developed from just a documentation of trips to an interest in itself, which I hope will be reflected in these pages.

In my professional life I have chosen a career-path involved with arctic environmental research and has spend almost one year doing field work in great places such as Zackenberg in Northeast Greenland and Svalbard in high Arctic Norway.

         Biking solo across the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2007.